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Caring for your tattoo

Congratulations! You have just received a unique work of art from Happily Ever After Tattoos.  The safest technique and cleanest equipment was used in applying your tattoo.  It is crucial that you take care of your new tattoo thoroughly to ensure proper healing and to avoid any loss of pigment or scarring.  Our artists guarantee their work and offer complimentary touch-ups for the first 6 months unless it is evident that the loss of pigment and color was due to negligence in care.

Please follow these instructions carefully and discuss any concerns with your artist:

  • Leave the bandage on for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours.  Do not loosen the bandage during this time.

  • After removing the bandage, wash the tattooed area with a clean washcloth, a mild soap, and warm water.  Be sure to get any ointment and dried blood off.

  • Blot dry, do not wipe.

  • Gently wash your tattoo at least 2-3 times a day, more if it's an area that attracts dirt, such as your ankle or foot.

  • With CLEAN HANDS apply a thin layer of Tattoo Goo or Tat Wax over your clean and dry tattoo.  Let this sit for 10-15 minutes.  Using a paper towel, blot off excess ointment.

  • Apply 4-5 times a day, more if your tattoo feels dry.

  • If you have any unusual reactions to Tattoo Goo or Tat Wax; such as puffy eyes; swollen throat, toes or fingers, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician.

  • Never share tattoo ointments, and always ensure that your hands are clean when applying ointments and touching your tattoo. 

  • At any sign of infection, contact a physician and get on antibiotics.

  • If a scab forms, do not pick it.  If it itches, do not scratch it.

  • Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for 6 weeks.  After that, use the highest number sun block available.  Sun will fade color and turn black to green.

  • Avoid soaking tattoo in water, and stay out of chlorine pools and hot tubs for at least three weeks.


​Contact us at the shop with any questions or concerns about the care of your tattoo and to schedule your next appointment.