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John Hendren: Artist

I was born in 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I've been interested in creating art for as long as I can remember, but I only got serious about it after receiving my first tattoo around 1988.  Right away I was hooked and I set out to make tattooing my career.  That was no easy task back then.  There were only a small handful of tattoo shops at the time and none of them were willing to teach me.  Once people found out I wanted to learn how to tattoo, I wasn't even allowed in the shops - because I might learn something by observing them work.  In 1990 I realized that my only chance was building my own equipment and practicing on my own skin.  This method is not recommended, but considering the era I felt it was my only choice.  After a year or two of tattooing some brave friends, and myself, I was lucky to meet a very talented tattoo artist.  Brian Qualley liked something that he saw in my early work and took me under his wing.  I would not be the tattoo artist I am today without Brian's help in those early days.  I moved around a fair amount over the years and I've been very fortunate to work with (and learn from) talented tattoo artists from all over the world.  While tattooing in Colorado, John Dennis re-sparked my interest in the technical side of things.  I've been very passionate about tattoo machines and building them ever since.  I haven't had any time for tattoo machine building since 2010 and although I am no longer taking orders, I occasionally work on them for myself or friends.  In August of 2012 I began working at Happily Ever After Tattoos.  After all of these years and all of my travels, I finally feel like I'm home.