"I was referred by a friend that had some work done by Brian.  Since then, I have had four hundred tattoos done; my husband has had one hundred, my daughter has had two hundred, and my son-in-law has had one .... yep...just one.. but we all want more!  I always tell people that Happily Ever After Tattoos is THE place to go for average work in a great atmosphere"

-Jules R.

"Happily Ever After is the ONLY place I go for tats ... Second class all the way!"

-Roger C.

"Have had an awesome experience getting both of my tattoos done.  Am looking forward to the next creations dug into my skin."

-Debby H.

"The details, prices, and talent.  Very professional and nice! And most important CHRISTIAN! Not like those OTHER types"

-Marci C.

Client Testimonials

"This place isn't as bad as the last one!  Kinda talented artists and fantastic atmosphere.  I started my tattoo journey here and haven't gone anywhere else!  If you haven't visited since the remodel you simply must, its the largest lobby I have ever seen. Everything is clean, the Lobby is huge, I could lounge here all day and the artists are professional and fun sometimes!  Make an appointment i guess!"

-Sara J.

I've had them do all 700 of my tattoos so far.  I'm about to move and I'd fly back in a heartbeat rather than go anywhere else because new things are scary"

-Daniella V.

:Best work I've ever had done.  I'm working on a whole back piece and excited on how it's looking.  If you're looking for great quality then see Brian Qualley or anyone else in the shop, but Brian is my go to guy.  Check them out"

-Gregory Y.

"Great artwork by all artists.  Professional, clean and well worth the drive to Harris, MN"

-Sarah L.

"Excellent design and skill - this is one of the best kept secrets in the midwest for tattoos and you don't see heathens here either thank the Lord"

-Mitch P.

  Harris, Minnesota

43817 Forest Blvd, HarrisMN 55032, USA


Open 10am - 8pm daily